2022 Halloween Event, Zombie Invasion Minigame, Mummy Global, Halloween Items

General Information

In this update we have released the 2022 Halloween Event.


Halloween Event

At any time during this event you can use the command ::eventhelp to find out what to do next.

You can start the Halloween Event by talking to Prophet at home.

Prophet will tell you that he hasn't seen Jonny in a year, and he needs your help finding him.

Agree to help him.


He will tell you that Vannaka might know where Jonny is hiding.

Vannaka will tell you that he doesn't slay Mummies, and can't help you.


Report back to Prophet, and let him know what Vannaka has told you.


Vannaka will tell you that you need to talk to the Mummy Master at ::global


The Mummy Master will use his mummy locator to find Jonny


He will locate Jonny, but he explains Jonny is not himself anymore..

He needs a Potion of Life in order to bring him back to human form.


Go kill the Insidious Beast boss until he drops Potion of Life


Bring the potion back to the Mummy Master


He will go find Jonny, and teleport you somewhere random



The Mummy Master will no longer be at ::global for a total of FIVE (5) minutes!!

Return after this time, and he will give you Jonny!

Bring Jonny back to Prophet.


Congratulations! You have completed the 2022 Halloween Event.


Zombie Invasion Minigame

Once you have completed the Halloween Event, you can now teleport to the Zombie Invasion Minigame.

This minigame has 2 modes:

Easy - Lower health, prayer allowed

Hard - More health, prayer is NOT allowed


It is highly recommended to only use a magic weapon in this game mode so you can benefit off of AOE


If you choose to go the hard mode route, you will not be able to use prayer and they will have more health.

It is recommended to bring food and run away from them like this to prevent them from attacking you.


On both Easy and Hard, their damage and health will increase as your wave increases.


Every wave you complete, you will get keys.

In your first 5 waves you will NOT get any keys.

As your waves go up, you will start to get more keys per wave.

Waves 1-25 = 1 Key/wave

Wave 25-50 = 2 Keys/wave

Waves 50-75 = 3 Keys/wave

Waves 75-100 = 4 Keys/wave


Zombie Invasion Chests

The chests are located at the Zombie Invasion minigame.

At the start of the minigame, you can choose to loot the chests.

Hard keys have about a 5x better rate than Easy keys!


Halloween Mummy Global

Once you complete the Halloween Event, you can kill the Halloween Mummy ::global boss.

This boss drops ALL of the new halloween items!


Halloween Set

An all-new Halloween Set has been added that provides 20% drop rate, double drop rate, and damage boost on EACH armour piece totalling up to 100% in Cosmetic Slots only.

These items also have the equivalent stats of Seismic when worn in main slots.


Halloween Weapons

The Halloween weapons are very similiar to the armour set.

When worn, it provides 20% dr, ddr, and damage boost ONLY in cosmetic slots.


Other Halloween Items

All other halloween items are best in slot in main-slots.

Halloween Amulet

Halloween Pumpkin - Pocket Slot

Halloween Wings

Halloween Aura


Halloween Crate

The Halloween Crate contains all of the Halloween items.

This casket is only obtainable from the ::global boss as well as on the store for $5 each.


Bug Fixes

- SMS phone codes are now only limited to US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

- Fixed a bug where monsters didn't deal any damage

- Fixed a bug where monsters wouldn't respawn, or would glitch out and not be attackable

Posted by Jonny


October 24, 2022, 1:29 am

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