T Rex Boss, Secondary Pets, Pet Levels, SMS Subscription Interface, Triple DR

General Information

In this Genesis Update, we have aimed to bring some grindy, F2P content, that is unique unlike anything we have released in the past.

Our development team has another update that should be coming very soon after this one for a new Call of Duty style zombie minigame.

We hope you enjoy this update, and any feedback is appreciated!


T Rex Boss

The T Rex boss is the latest boss on Genesis!

This boss drops Dino Eggs and does NOT have a requirement to attack it.

Dino eggs are UNTRADEABLE and this boss only has 1,000,000 health giving newer players more of a chance to be able to kill it.

In order to attack the T Rex you must first kill his minions!

They will respawn every 40 seconds, but as long as you have killed them before you clicked 'attack' you can finish the T Rex kill without being interrupted.



The T Rex actually will attack you and deal damage!


Reward Interface Searching


SMS Rewards Interface

The sms security interface is being changed to sms rewards.

The reason for this change is that the sms security system was disabled recently due to it not being needed (accounts never get hacked due to the account pin system being so good).

We have designed to change the interface to this. Now when players subscribe, they will get a seismic lucky box upon entering the verification code.


Bonus Boss Loot Rework

The bonus boss loot has been reworked so its now more worth it to do.. no more rare superior mystery box drops!!!


Triple Drop Rate

Triple Drop Rate has been added to the game! The game will first check if you can get a triple drop,

Right now, the only obtainable way to get Triple DR is the secondary dino Trippler and Unfiied pet.

Drop Rate Cap Rework

Originally drop rate got capped at 1/2 of what the drop's rate is. For example, if a boss was 1/4000 rate, the lowest you could make it go would be 1/2000, meaning only 2000% of your drop rate would work.

Now it is capped at 1/3 of the boss rate, meaning you can get a 1/4000 rate down to as low as 1/1320!


Dino Pet Levels

There are now a total of SEVEN dino pets

- Damage Dino

- Doubler Dino

- Trippler Dino

- Raids Dino

- DR Dino

- Mysterious Dino

- Unified Dino

All of them are Untradeable and are only obtainable through F2P When you obtain a Dino for the first time, your dino pet will be Level 1.

You can view the level by right clicking the pet


As you kill bosses/npcs in the game, you will get experience based on how much health the boss has which will level up your pet to the maximum level (150).

As the pet levels up, he will also get bigger and give better bonuses!

Watch closely as my pet levels up from 1 to 25 after killing a boss. It grows!


Every persons pet in the game has a unique size, meaning leet standing next to me can have a pet with level 150, that is a much bigger size than my level 1 pet.


Unified Dino

The max level that regular dino's can get to is 120.

The max level unified dino's can get to is 150.

To get a unified dino, you must obtain all 6 of the regular dino eggs, incubate them, and then train them all to level 120.

Once you have done this, you can come find the Archaelogical expert and give him your 6 dino's, he will check your levels to make sure they are all 120 and then he will give you the unified dino.

The unified dino will be level 1 and you will have to train it up to level 150.

The unified dino contains all of the bonuses from the regular dino's in one pet, but also gives more bonuses in addition to being able to grow to level 150.

If you don't have level 120 on a pet this message appears

Obtaining the unified dino! thank you @Guru !


Bug Fixes

- We have fixed 99% of the bugs where items were nulls/invisible or opening your bank crashed your client

- The bugs where you can't withdraw/deposit items in bank have been fixed

- Half the npc spawns at the DPS zone have been removed to prevent the map from bugging out

- Dungeon slayer mobs no longer drop 1b tokens

- Omega cape is now untradeable

- Watermelon seeds added to farming shop

- Removed spongebobs on bikes at dungeon slayer area

- Donator points have been renamed to Bond points

- Theres now a 25% chance for a global message to send when someone votes on RuneLocus

- Raids 1 unholy golem no longer drops 400 godly potions

- The buttons for swapping between range/melee/mage no longer open the item price interface


Posted by Jonny


October 6, 2022, 12:24 pm

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